Who We Are

MYTHICC formed October 22, 2017 as two guilds, Ascendant and Inertia, merged together. The founding of the guild was brought about because both guilds were desperately in need of each other for raid groups and, upon clearing mythic content together as separate guilds, decided to make it official by joining forces.

Since then, MYTHICC has been more than just a raiding guild. It’s been a place where friendships have grown and even love has blossomed. We don’t consider ourselves a guild. We consider ourselves a family. That is because we treat each and every member of the guild as a valued partner in our continued success.

MYTHICC has a place for you. Whether you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for the last 14 years and you know everything about every class that could ever be known or you’re a fresh-faced newbie that still watches boss videos the night of the raid, we can accommodate you. That is because we want to grow our family and our community and show the world that World of Warcraft isn’t a toxic wasteland and that people can still be the best of friends and work together to progress through tough content.

As a result, we have become a safe haven for anyone who has ever been persecuted in a raiding guild, or in life, for being different. We have a zero tolerance policy on racism,  sexism, homophobic, and other offensive types of speech and expect our members to adhere to the same code of conduct. We want you to feel welcome here. Because that’s who we are.

Where We're Going

MYTHICC has several goals that have been set over the course of the time we’ve been together a guild. Every member of MYTHICC knows these goals exist and is a crucial part of helping to bring them to life. These goals are as follows:

  1. To create a community of people that enjoy playing together and don’t feel like raiding with eachother is a job but, rather, a privilege.
  2. To create an environment of growth instead of stagnation. We push our new players and challenge our older players to continue to be better every day.
  3. To achieve as much progression as possible through serious raiding and offer an alternative to those who don’t wish to, or cannot, dedicate the time to raiding as seriously as they’d like.
  4. To do this without compromising our beliefs that everyone is an equal partner in success and everyone deserves the chance to shine in their roles.

If you are a part of MYTHICC, you know these are the things that our leadership team strives for and, if you ever feel like this is not the case, you should let us know.

MYTHICC Code of Conduct

Every member, especially leadership, is expected to adhere to the following standards. MYTHICC holds itself to a high standard of keeping offensive messages out of our in-game channels, out-of-game communities, and voice over IP communication systems. Below are these standards.

  1. No member is to use language or post imagery that is offensive in nature such as: pornography, racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks or imagery, or things meant to insult those with disabilities. Members who do not follow these policies will find their messages deleted, their abilities to speak diminished, and possible removal from the guild.
  2. Every member is welcome here from the latest born player to the most seasoned veteran. As such, light-hearted ribbing is allowed but no member should be subject to prolonged insult based on their ability to play a game we are playing together. We encourage growth, not stasis, and it’s every member’s duty to help foster that growth.
  3. Every member is held accountable for their actions. If you see a  conversation that does not belong in our community, is your duty as a member to 1) report it and 2) not take part in it. Taking part in something is just as bad as starting it and will come with the same consequences.
  4. Guild drama is outlawed and publicly arguing about something in a manner that could be considered hostile is forbidden. If you have an issue with a member of our guild, do your best to resolve it privately. If the issue escalates, contact a member of our officer team to seek mediation.
  5. The most important rule of all is to do your best to have fun in this game we love and hate to play. If there is anything between you and having fun playing with our guild, please let us know so that we can do our best to rectify it.

Following this code of conduct will ensure your prolonged involvement with our guild and you too will get to take advantage of all the benefits we provide.

Where We've Been

Throughout every expansion in World of Warcraft, our leadership team has lead raids to success. From Black Temple all the way to the Burning Throne, we know what it takes to get the job done. Throughout Legion, prior to the merging of our guilds, we succeeded in clearing a large portion of mythic content in the raids leading up to Antorus where we achieved a respectable level of progression before giving everyone a break until the new expansion.

We’re looking to take the same motivation and attitude into the new raid content and push harder than we’ve pushed in the past with a crew that is ready to decimate whatever lies in front of us.


For the Battle for Azeroth expansion, we are running at least two dedicated raid teams (more may be added as the need arises) that offer both a serious progression oriented atmosphere where only the best push forward and a more casual and laid back atmosphere where people can really seek to enjoy the content they’re playing through. Currently, we’re running at these raid teams (with plans to add more) that will focus on progression content. These teams are as follows:

Hardcore Progression - Tues/Thurs 7:30PM-10:30PM CST

This team is intended to push as hard as possible to clear content and is not a requirement to join. If you’re not ready or cannot commit to doing this, there is an alternative. Raiders on this team are required to be at the top of their game and compete for spots throughout progression.

Hardcore Progression - Tues/Thurs 9:00PM-12:00AM CST

This team is intended to push as hard as possible to clear content and is not a requirement to join. If you’re not ready or cannot commit to doing this, there is an alternative. Raiders on this team are required to be at the top of their game and compete for spots throughout progression.

Semi-Casual - Sun 8:00PM-11:00AM

This team is intended to push casually through content. Casually in this regard does not mean that we just screw around the whole time. It simply means that you can drop in or drop out as real life permits and make no commitment if it is not something you can do.

In addition to our scheduled raids, MYTHICC frequently runs public groups through our Discord that anyone is welcome to join. The only requirement is that you find our groups through the group finder when we list them and join the Discord. We don’t purge so you’re always welcome in our server.

In the future, we may add additional raid teams to our line-up as our guild grows and new raid-ready players join excited and eager to raid.

PVP & Dungeons

When we’re not raiding, you’ll find yourself able to enjoy other content such as arena, PVP, rated battlegrounds, dungeons, and mythic keystones. We always have people looking for something and all you need to do is ask in guild chat for interested parties. Depending on the time of day, your group could fill immediately with a competent team of players that you know are going to give it their best effort.

We also have a more elite group of keystone runners that we call the Keystone Krushers. They operate on their own time and their circle is invite-only. Show up to keystone groups and you may find yourself on their roster of extremely talented keystone runners that span across multiple servers and guilds.

MYTHICC is home to a small group of high-rated arena players who have such claims to fame as rank 1 titles and all the trimmings of an elite gladiator. These people run arena groups to push and move forward as well as often-times put together rated battleground groups that aren’t your normal, every-day rated group. We actually win. A lot. Our legion record was a win ratio of 10:1.