BoD Roundup and Start of New Tier, The Eternal Palace

Hi everyone! I decided to create this post to highlight some of the amazing achievements our players made this tier. After ending Uldir only 7/8M and not really getting a chance to work on G’huun, we started off very strong in Battle of Dazar’alor getting realm first for Horde in normal difficulty. Stormwall Blockade was overtuned (at PTR testing health) and hadn’t been adjusted for Live yet. We had to vantus rune and after THREE hours, the boss finally went down.

Thankfully for normal Lady Jaina Proudmoore, it took us only six pulls. After that we tried our hand at heroic difficulty downing the first four bosses with relative ease. Sometime later, all the raid teams downed heroic Lady Jaina Proudmoore for the ‘Ahead of the Curve’ achievement taking note of the “burn” strategy many guilds were using in the last phase of the encounter.

Raid Force One ended the tier at 8/9M and Weekend Warriors at 1/9M, but it was Mythic Regression that pushed through to the end and got the fabled cutting edge achievement!

The new raid, The Eternal Palace, starts today, 7/9/2019, with the mythic race starting next week Tuesday. Congratulations to all of our raiders and guild members who participated in our BoD accomplishments and I’m looking forward to what we can do in EP!


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