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    • News and Updates
      News and updates will be automatically posted here for discussion. Whenever you see a new post on the homepage, this is where you can come to discuss it.
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    • World of Warcraft General
      Our favorite game in the whole world has a lot to be discussed about it. For anything that doesn't fit into one of the forums below but is related to our beloved World of Warcraft, please feel free to post and reply here. This forum is your go-to for discussing upcoming changes, hotfixes, or general Warcraft news.
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    • Officer Chat
      For those conversations that just need to happen in a place where history matters, that's what this forum is for. Whenever we have issues with players doing something we don't think is quite appropriate we should be posting them here as well as attendance logs for the raid and other officer-like things. And, of course, only our guild's officers can see these posts.
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    • Economy
      Gold keeps the machine of a guild flowing and also keeps its players in the latest and greatest gears using the best materials possible. This general forum is intended to discuss economic tips and tricks like what to farm, where to farm it, and how best to capitalize on it, while the forums below are to post your listings of things you want to buy and sell within the guild.
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    • Specializations
      Each specialization is valuable and you all have your own strategies and playstyles. Use this area to discuss your best practices for your chosen specialization and share and discuss with others that do what you do. The best way to be the best is to use the information from others and adapt it to make it your own and grow as a player. Do it!
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       Aida Martin

    • Other Games
      Use this forum to discuss other games besides World of Warcraft. Super popular games will have their own sub-form for specific discussions. This forum was created at the request of RoflBlast.
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