, What It Is and How It Affects YOU!

This is a long post but the information is incredibly valuable. If you choose not to read through it, it does not exempt you from the system and the system will weigh its judgment on you without you know that you need to improve. I’d suggest reading through it in its entirety.

You’ve heard me talk about it recently along with the variety of other changes that have come and are coming to our raid team(s) and this post is going to be a deep dive into, the system we’re using to rate and rank players for performance-based raid spots so that no one feels like there’s any favoritism when bringing people along for raids. This is a public system that’s visible on our roster that you updates automatically based on data entered in by the officers on the raid roster. Scores are updated after every raid night and reconfigured on Monday after the “proving ground” heroic raid where challenges take place primarily and while rosters are crafted for the next week’s progression content.

I first want to talk about the categories you’re going to be “scored” on and how we’re going to score you so that you can expect some consistency and not only see how your score can go down but what you can do to increase it from wherever it is. Let’s dive in:


  • What It Is: Currently, efficiency is tracked by your average parses on each boss in Heroic Uldir. Since Heroic Uldir is the basis for our entry points into mythic and all of our raiders are and should be clearing Heroic each week, we can use this as our baseline for this number. For healers, we can use the efficiency rating (sort of) from Wowanalyzer to get a basic idea of where you are. But your participation in a raid is mostly going to be based on your class of choice. Tanks default to 100 for this as there’s really no way to properly give them an efficiency score unless they’re dying repeatedly since tank DPS and tank HPS is mostly irrelevant.
  • How to Lose Points: You can only lose points in this category by losing points on your average in heroic parses which, to my knowledge, is impossible. In this category, you can really only gain points.
  • How to Gain Points: Perform better on fights. If you are struggling on a certain boss, nothing is stopping you from logging the boss yourself and uploading them to Warcraftlogs to be taken into consideration for your efficiency. Find the bosses you’re the weakest on and improve your scores to increase your average overall.

We thought about using mythic fights as a baseline for this number but realized very quickly that mythic fights are really just heroic+ at this point. You deal with the same mechanics but you add on slight differences in how you perform them or what they do. If you can complete them in heroic to a proficient level, you should be able to complete them at a mythic level (even with a little bit of practice). Not only that but some people may not see mythic fights every week so we need ways for you to improve your number with that handicap.


  • What It Is: Every boss has mechanics that need to be performed nearly perfectly every time, especially as you get further into mythic progression. Performing these mechanics is how we progress and your ability to both learn and execute mechanics quickly is what goes into this score. Everyone starts out with 50 and loses/gains points as time goes on. We start at 50 because I want people to understand that even brand new trials that haven’t been tested are more apt to get into a raid than someone who cannot properly perform mechanics.
  • How to Lose Points: Don’t perform mechanics. Every time you do something that causes you to die stupidly you will lose points. Every time you do something that causes someone else to die stupidly you will lose points. Every time you do something that wipes the raid.. you get the idea.
  • How to Gain Points: Perform mechanics! After every raid night, everyone who didn’t get dinged on mechanics will go up 10 points. If you are not in the raid for a night, you will go up 5 points on mechanics since you didn’t get the opportunity to raid that night.

This should be fairly obvious to you. Performing mechanics = progression. Progression = boss kills. That’s what we want and that’s what we need.


  • What It Is: The attendance score is very obvious, it’s the number of raids you are online and ready for when they start. Even if you are not on the roster, you need to be online and ready to go because if people don’t show up you can be rotated in. This was seen as tonight (for Mythic Zek’voz) someone was on the roster and didn’t show up. So someone else who wasn’t on the roster was rotated in and we could continue on our merry way.
  • How to Lose Points: Missing raids in a variety of way cause you to lose points. Utilizing the call off line is going to be your friend here because if you call off that you’re missing raid, you lose 20 points. If you call off that you’re going to be late to raid (or need to leave early), you lose 10 points. However, if you do not call off and are late to raid you lose 30 points. If you miss raid entirely without calling off, you lose 50 points.
  • How to Gain Points: Being online for the raid is how you gain points here. Using a fancy little addon, I am able to track all who are online and available at the very beginning of raid. After attendance has been “taken” you are free to log on to an alt or log off completely if you do not think we will need you. I’d recommend that healers and niche DPS (warlocks, rogues, demon hunters) do not log off completely as there is a decent chance of rotating in.

Consistency is extremely valuable in a progression raid environment. Having the same group of people available builds cohesion and stops us from having to recruit new players and rebuilding our rosters every few weeks. I made a promise that each person on our raid team will have equal chances to receive all achievements that everyone else receives. It might be a little bit later but as long as you’re cut out for it, you’ll get it.


  • What It Is: The score for attitude is based on how you react to things that happen within a raid environment. We want to have a positive atmosphere and positivity will pay off for you in the long run. I understand raiding can be frustrating but internalizing it and saving it for a later conversation is going to be your best course of action. You do not want to be the person that kills the vibe for everyone else.
  • How to Lose Points: Being negative is the primary way for you to lose points in this category. In a raid, keeping mentality positive means that people aren’t going to be as frustrated that they’re wiping to progression content. Let’s face it, though, you will wipe a lot to progression content and that’s just something you’ll have to deal with. Here are a few things that can cost you points in this category- arguing with raid leaders, complaining about rosters, negative outbursts towards your fellow raiders, among other things.
  • How to Gain Points: You don’t. Once your attitude score goes down, you are set at that point for the rest of the raid tier. Every raid tier, your attitude points will reset and you will be given a clean slate. That is why it is so extremely important that you do not lose points here.

I’ve already fairly explained why your attitude is important. Just as positivity is contagious, negativity is like a virus. It will spread through a group of people faster than our Fetid Devourer heroic kill. Just be nice, be agreeable, and use your judgment on which way you choose to voice your concerns and criticisms.

At this point, you might be asking yourself why you should give a shit about any of this. So let’s talk a little bit about WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT. We talked about a challenge night and I realized that, honestly, it’s so much easier for you to do the work when you feel like you deserve a raid spot over someone else. Simply put, this score determines your raiding capabilities in our eyes. If your performance is great, your mechanics are great, but your attendance and attitude are shit, you’re not going to be raiding more than someone who performs decently, does mechanics well, and is online every night for every raid and helps to encourage and grow people. We are, of course, going to look compositionally, but you can expect to see this system used strictly for bringing people into raids when the composition doesn’t matter as much. And the people that are higher on this scoreboard are the people that get the first choice of coming to a boss fight for farming. If you’re arguing this, let me hit you this:

  • I’d rather have someone who does 20k DPS than someone who does 14k DPS. But…
  • I’d rather have someone who does 14k DPS but never dies to mechanics than someone who does 20k DPS and dies every other pull.
  • I’d rather have someone that does 14k DPS but never misses a raid than someone who does 20k DPS and misses every other week.
  • I’d rather have someone that does 14k DPS but never makes people feel like trash after a wipe than someone who does 20k DPS and spends the entire night talking shit about people in the raid.

Moving forward, the challenge will be for you to find methods to increase your score of your own volition. We are not going to cup your balls and hold your hand. This is mythic progression and you are taking responsibility for your own raid spot. Progression raiding is hard and keeping progress going is harder. Setting these precedents will help to send us to the precipice of mythic raiding where Cutting Edge isn’t a question of when it’s a question of “How far ahead of everyone else will we be?”

For your information, this system will go into full effect and people will start earning and losing points starting Tuesday, October 23rd. So make sure you’ve got your performing pants on and look alive.

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