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Below are some frequently asked questions about our guild. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to us.

What's the raid environment like in MYTHICC?

Our raid environment varies based on what we’re doing. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. What’s the point if you’re not having fun? In either case, raiders in all raid teams are expected to perform the best they can and do mechanics properly. Even the casual team won’t put up with mistake after mistake. But we will help you learn so that you can stop being so bad. 🙂

Our weekday raid teams have attendance requirements while our weekend team is really more drop-in, drop-out as needed.

What if I'm not ready for mythic raiding?

That’s totally fine. We weren’t ready for mythic raiding when we first hit level cap, and some of us aren’t even ready now (kidding, of course). We provide so much more than just hardcore progression raiding that I would challenge any member of MYTHICC to find a time when there’s not something to do. Not only that but our casual groups, though still focused on progression, have less requirements and you’re more than welcome to join them until you’re ready for the big leagues.

How do you determine who gets a spot for raid?

Since we’re running more than one progression raid team, spots will be more available than you’d find in most other guilds. These spots will go to the best qualified players for the job at hand. You will find yourself fighting one boss while sitting out for another simply to bring in a better tuned class for the fight. For instance, we’d bring in a high-performing AOE machine for progression on an AOE-heavy fight, while we’d favor a single target powerhouse for a fight that is primarily single target.

Each raid leader has the power to make decisions on who does and doesn’t come to any given encounter. And it is important to remember that, at times, you may raid on a different team given the needs of that team as we are all a part of the same community and our progression is shared.

What does MYTHICC provide its raiders?

Outside of raid, we provide a place for you to call home. We provide somewhere that people aren’t going to talk shit to you or about you (unless you deserve it) and you can learn and grow as a player in peace.

During a raid, we provide our players with food, flasks, and runes to make the raids go as smoothly as we can possibly make them go. It’s always advised to bring some spares if you have them but they shouldn’t ever be necessary.

Do you take casuals?

Of course we do! People ask me all the time if they can join our guild either because they just want to be a part of the community or they love the guild name. Absolutely anyone who agrees to follow our rules and be an asset to the community rather than a hindrance is more than welcome to join the guild. Just whisper literally any online member for an invitation.

Can my friends come with me?

Abso-fucking-lutely. If you’ve got friends that you want to bring into the fold, bring them. We’re always happy to accept new faces into our ranks and bring them into raid content as appropriate.