Upgrade to Raid Force 2.0

The website will soon reflect this change and you have no doubt seen the post in Discord detailing the combination of our raid teams into one. We do this for a few reasons and this is something that has been being prepared for since this journey began. I can’t take the announcement and put it into 2000 characters which is what Discord requires so we’ll give our website some use for you to see this important information. The following bits of information will be details on how we are going to move forward as a raid team, what this means for other raid teams (along with some clarification), as well as goes into the reasoning behind this change and why we didn’t do it sooner.

At the end of the post are some responses to feedback we received about the raid night. Feel free to read through those as well.

Part One: The Reckoning

At this moment in your WoW careers, most of you have seen and completed all of the bosses in Uldir several times. This is enough time for you to have learned what to do and what not to do in a raid encounter. This is enough time for you to make adjustments to your playstyle based on whatever composition of raid comes in. This is enough time for you to not mess up delightfully simple mechanics that you’ve had practice on. As it was seen, messing up these mechanics will cost you your raid spot. It’s time to shape up or ship out. And, if performing your job in a raid at a level that is required for mythic progression is a problem for you, then it’s been great fun raiding with you and I wish you luck in your future endeavors. There are six hours a week that we put in work on a mythic level and, for those six hours, I am not your friend. I am not your babysitter. And I’m certainly not going to cup your balls while you spend the rest of raid badmouthing the group that you wanted and couldn’t hang with. As far as I’m concerned, you are already replaced. Moving forward, these types of things will continue to happen. As it stands, we have 35 people to fill a 25-man roster, including the bench. Even those who didn’t mess up mechanics tonight have the potential to be dropped if future mistakes (whether mechanically or through attendance) pop up. This isn’t little league anymore. It’s time to act like you want Cutting Edge. And, to those of you that saw the example made of those who were removed and decided that you wouldn’t have a single bad death or raid-wiping mistake, thanks for your dedication to the cause. Because of your stellar play, we were able to clear heroic Uldir in record time, dwarfing speed records set by other raid groups, and get some promise for the future that everyone is welcome to attend.

Part Two: The Redemption

Anyone is liable to be replaced on our mythic raid team. This is because of the new challenge system we’re implementing for progression raid spots. This challenge system is going to replace our current trial system in that new recruits are immediately available to challenge current raiders for a spot on the raid team. Now, this part is a little bit more delicate considering we do have to make sure that these new raiders fit into our environment and have the appropriate attitude for progression raiding before we let them take a spot. But seeing them come in should give you a little bit more motivation to put your best foot forward. The challenges will look at the following things: damage per second/healing efficiency, mechanical performance, attendance, and attitude. Each raider will be given a score for these categories (out of 10). Your goal is to be above everyone who is challenging you. But, remember, because parsing isn’t everything, you’ll need to make sure that you’re performing the other roles up to par as well. These scores will be public as well as who is challenging who and I’d advise you not to ask about what you can do to increase your score or ask specifics about what caused you to dip below in a certain section (more than likely if you don’t know then you deserve the knockdown). When a challenge happens, the challenger and the challenged will both be in a heroic raid together (doesn’t even have to be a guild raid if it doesn’t work out like that) and be scrutinized based on their performance, attitude, and mechanical abilities. If a challenged player does not show up for the raid their spot will immediately be forfeit. My personal recommendation is to do this challenges on Mondays as you will get the spot for Tuesday if you win your challenge. Otherwise, you have to wait until Wednesday and compete for a spot on Thursday. As a special note, these challenge spots are for progression fights that don’t require specific compositions. Some classes are very good at all fights while others just simply aren’t. You’ll need to understand that and realize it’s because we’re in mythic progression. Farming bosses is a different story as we will rotate people around as needed. I feel this system is the perfect way to make sure that each and every person on our raid roster knows that they are always competing for a spot in the raid. This encourages you to take responsibility for your actions and encourages us to hold you responsible for them so that our raids can go smoothly as mistakes start to disappear from the raid.

Part Three: The Raid Leaders and Your Jobs in Raid

Currently, we are dealing with moving a team used to Otie’s raid calling into a team that is not used to it. This seems like an easy feat but, I assure you, it is not. RF1 hasn’t had the same experience with their raids so you’ll see the callouts being a little laxer as we move and progress as a team. This doesn’t mean we’re not going to make those call outs but it means we’re going to work on making them in a way that isn’t seen as aggressive or malicious (even though to some it never was). It’s an important part of making the raid group cohesive and pulling everyone under one roof and it’s something we are all going to need to get used to as Otie is going to be the primary shot caller for our raids. During the raids, you’ll also have the voices of some of our more prominent ranged DPS, Daiopan and Streetsham, and some of our more dominant melee DPS (to be determined) making important call outs for your role group. It is our goal to have no more than 3-4 people talking in a boss fight because most of the mechanics we’re performing are not hard to remember and follow. I, myself, will be stepping away from a raid calling atmosphere for the foreseeable future. I will be helping to manage the raid and ensuring proper use of time as well as working a lot more of the backend stuff that’s required with, I don’t know, leading a guild of 600 people. What this should say to you is that I am completely liable for my actions as a raider and am not immune to the consequences should I not perform where I need to. This is why the people assigned to calling out things are almost certainly guaranteed a raid spot in our mythic progression and I am not. I encourage you to find where I make mistakes and call me out on them. I’ll own up to it if its accurate or I’ll shove your foot in your mouth if it’s not.

Additionally, if you are given direction during a raid– take it. I don’t care who you are. If one of the people tasked with leading these raids is telling you what to do, do it. Don’t argue with them. And furthermore, if you are not either the person giving instruction or the person receiving, you are not entitled to comment on it. Our communication on boss pulls should be comprised of only relevant information. Your disagreement with what’s happening during a pull is not relevant and I’ll need you to refrain from feeling like it is.

Part Four: Alternate Raid Days

As was said in the beginning, my primary focus is going to be my weekend raid team. I work Monday through Friday starting 30 minutes after raid begins and this is why you have seen other people take the mantle of raid leaders and shot callers instead of me. I will still be attending, monitoring, and managing the weekday raid as I want to make sure we are raiding up to the standard that our guild wants to provide but my voice will be much softer during those nights. However, on the weekends, I fully expect to muster up heroic clears for capable raiders while enjoying ourselves and our friendship. Additionally, the following raids will still continue as scheduled:

  • Monday: Heroic Clear @ 7:30PM server.
  • Tuesday: Heroic 7/8 (at least) in the Afternoon Delight timeslot which starts at @ 4:00PM server.
  • Wednesday: Heroic Clear @ 7:30PM server.
  • Saturday: Heroic Clear @ 8:00PM server.

As you can see, there are plenty of times to run with the guild in an atmosphere that isn’t focused solely on mythic progression. If you find yourself unable to compete for a spot on the mythic roster, please continue to play with your friends in these time slots. Keep improving yourself. And keep challenging for a spot. The only raids removed here are the ones on Sunday and the Afternoon Delight raid on Thursday.

Part Five: What Took So Long?

Seeing how incredible the clear speed was on heroic tonight might lead you to the question of “What took so long to combine the raid teams?” And, my answer to that would be, I didn’t want to lose you. The people that are still here are the raiders that have stuck through bad weeks, good weeks, roster swaps, and incessant shit talking back and forth. You are still here when other people have left. You are the people that I want raiding with our mythic core. We had to see who you were before we put 60 people on a 30-man raid roster. Because I can guarantee you might have stuck around for the first week but, by the second week, you’d probably have been looking for another guild and, by the third week, you’d have been gone. Knowing these things happen is just one facet of leadership and that is why we took so long to make this combination. We’ve found the dedicated raiders. We’ve found the raiders that can get shit done. Now it’s time to put your attention towards getting shit done and pushing hard towards Cutting Edge this raid tier and all future raid tiers for at least the remainder of this expansion.

Part Six: Where Do We Go From Here?

Up. That’s the only direction we can go. For the last few weeks, we’ve been harping on completing mythic keystones. Now with your spot contingent on your ability to be better than someone else it is the most important time in your raiding career to be doing those mythic keystones. You need to be pushing and clearing content. You need to be continually improving and understanding your class mechanics in and out so that when the time comes and your number is called for a challenge, you don’t find yourself riding wood because some rookie came in and showed you what’s what. In addition, please remember that we offer gems and enchants from the guild bank free of charge (though donations are welcome) so there is absolutely no excuse for anyone to come with gear that isn’t enchanted or gemmed. We also have many crafters in the guild that can create battle potions for your class and spec. There is no reason not to have an alt with herbalism so that you can farm the herbs required for these potions and there is no reason not to use them. It’s time to put on the big boy/girl pants and move forward.

To those of you that are not going to be maintaining raiding with us for one reason or another, I’m truly sorry to see you go. I’d hoped this transition would make people realize one of two things: progression raiding is hard and you love it or progression raiding is hard and you hate it. The vibe that I got from almost everyone was that you were willing to do what it took to be a Cutting Edge guild. Maybe you didn’t know what that meant when you signed up for it and maybe it’s not what you expected. But this is it. It’s cutthroat. It’s brutal. It’s ruthless. And it’s difficult. It does not get easier from here. But accomplishing these goals together will give us an unrivaled advantage over a majority of the guilds on the server and in the world as we move forward. If you’re feeling it, keep feeling it. If you’re not, let us know sooner rather than later.

And I realize a lot of this post was very passive aggressive. I’ve spent the better part of the last year restricted by tact and not saying the things that needed to be said because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. But for six hours a week, you are not your feelings. You are your actions and the actions your stupid little avatar performs. I need you to make it do the right thing otherwise no amount of love I or anyone else has for you will save you from yourself and the consequences of your actions. We’ll have our rosters for Zek’voz progression posted on Wednesday. I’d encourage you to show up on Thursday even if your name isn’t there. Never know when someone will decide to chicken out at the last second and not tell anyone.

Feedback Responses

As of now, only 16 people have responded to the survey that was posted for you to respond to. I will post the result of that survey in Discord later but I want to take some time to address the anonymous feedback received so far. As we continue to receive feedback, I’ll continue to address it directly. Likely resulting in a new page here on the website where people can submit feedback like a Tumblr ask and see the response on the page.

If last nights raid takes into consideration performance then the GM should be sat for Thursday.

Thank you for your valued feedback. After we removed the people from Taloc who made mistakes, the rest of the raid was mistake free and resulted in single pull kills of every boss until we got to G’huun. Personally, I performed every mechanic the way it needed to be performed, just like everyone else. But my DPS numbers were a little low. Wouldn’t be surprised if I did sit on Thursday. Hopefully, that makes you feel better.

We still need to sit people if they’re fucking up in mythic, no matter who they are. It would also make sense to check wipefest after each pull and see who the problem is and either call them out or boot them and I really don’t care if it’s me or my friend Billy.

This will be something that absolutely happens. Even if people have challenged for a raid spot, we need to hold them up to the standard that is required of a mythic progression raider. Each person on the roster is able to be replaced and you will see this happen over time as mechanical performance starts to fail.

The proof is in the pudding. This was by far the best raid I have participated in BFA. It was efficient, fun, and productive. This is the type of team that will find success during progression.

You are absolutely correct. This is the type of team that will find success during progression. A team that is comprised of members being held accountable for their shortcomings and being forced to either step it up or step down.

I think the group did great, but I do feel the announcement was made poorly and should have been done sooner. I think the group as whole will be successful as long as we keep on the people who are performing poorly.

You are also absolutely correct. The announcement was made poorly, however, the timeframe for organizing what would happen and making the announcement was really very tight. So when the announcement was made was pretty much as early as it could’ve been. I didn’t find out there were any issues until Monday morning and was tasked with creating a plan, placing the action points, and executing it before Tuesday’s raid.

Would like to see actual metrics be considered when roster is finalized (warcraftlogs, wowanalyzer, etc) – Progression doesn’t favor favoritism

Progression never has and never will favor favoritism. And progression isn’t about friendship. You can believe that the best people will be coming to mythic and, if those people become not the best people, they will find themselves on the bench very quickly for someone better.

I prefer it to be separate and feel that they were only combined because one was significantly better than the other and it was obvious.

UNO had lost a significant number of raiders due to real life conflicts, disinterest, and general unwillingness to continue pushing content. RF1 had not lost this critical mass yet but had a fair few people that could serve to be replaced. Making the combination of the two with the best of the best was the only natural course of action as UNO would not have been able to continue raiding as prescribed (as was seen in the bad week of call-offs). It was also a pre-determined course of action before the raid teams were even made “official” in week two of Uldir. Meaning I didn’t know how good any of you were or weren’t or what level of commitment you’d have and I had already made the decision that later on down the road everything would be combined.

 …I only am stating this because I don’t want an angry response as the first thing we receive for messing up something and instead maybe a stern and serious tone as to what someone should be doing, why, and what will happen if it isn’t corrected. Overall I had fun and did enjoy everyone’s company, but like I said, just worried for a future night of progression after several wipes…

This concern is heard. Prior to the raid, I spoke with both Otie and Dak about raid calling. They worked together to decide a good course of action for calling during pulls and also took queues from each other on how calling the shots should be. We also spoke after the raid and agreed that the tone of calling someone out specifically could be dropped down a few levels. I don’t want anyone to feel like they’re on trial (like a courtroom, lawyers, etc) while they’re playing a video game and I know most of the people in Raid Force One probably feel a little more relaxed than they should and hearing any sort of aggressive tone is likely a little bit of a shellshock. It’s a work in progress.

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