Welcome Mythic Regression to the MYTHICC Family!

As of today, it is my great pleasure to welcome the team from Mythic Regression to the MYTHICC family. Mythic Regression is joining us (and will probably be renamed) to become a second raid team to give people more options for raiding. They transferred here from Kel’Thuzad in July and have been progression raiding in Uldir since the beginning of BFA. They are currently 2/8M and ready to accept new trials into their fold. Acanti (Nysyr) is going to be touching base with everyone soon to give you a rundown on what they need and how you can be a part of it. They raid at 9:00PM ST and end at 12:00AM ST. Slightly later than Raid Force One, so there should be no conflicts.

This weekend we’re going to be getting the rest of their raid squad here and setup into their community for raiding (we have new communities for Raid Force One and the Weekend Warriors as well). Next week, they expect to be raid ready back in mythic Uldir and progressing. So, if you’re keen to give them a try, feel free to talk to Acanti.

We’re also going to be working on turning our MYTHICC.io system into an addon that you can use in-game to look at your scores, notes, and make it extremely easy to track. Great things are coming for our guild in the future and it’s a wonderful time to be a member of MYTHICC.

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